Consultants with vision and strategy who keep pace with the market's growth and development


Ambitious executive management leads the company to new heights


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Design high security networks


We are designing new high-security networks and a high-speed data network


Providing the best professional solutions in the field of network extension and installation


And the infrastructure of its own, with high quality, unique and innovative that meets the needs of its customers


Increase work efficiency and save time and cost by planning and designing networks


Install computer networks, upgrade and maintain networks, provide foreign labor


Network solutions services


Our specialized team provides various services in the field of networking


Our vision

We are looking forward to gaining the absolute confidence of our clients in the long term, through providing network extension services with ease

Our mission

The company has exerted every effort since its establishment to be specialized in providing the best and professional solutions in the field of networks

Ours services

The creation of a secured network infrastructure leads to reducing work downtime and ensures that the production will be maintained in conformity as much as possible


Achieve more success and popularity

GlobiNet Solutions

GlobiNet Solutions was established in Riyadh in 2009, as one of a leading companies in the network solutions field. GlobiNet provides integrated services related to the implementation of network infrastructures and also provides upgrading and maintenance services for the pre-existed networks through its specialized team in the development and maintenance of  all kinds of networks, in accordance with the highest standards applicable in-network business.

Moreover, GlobiNet Solutions is looking forward to employing more human personnel qualified to hold the positions of leaders in its establishment



Network Solutions Services

Our specialized team provides various services in the field of networking

  • Wireless Network implementation & Design 99%
  • UTP and Fiber cable structure 85%
  • Telecom Operators Site preparation services 96%
  • E&M of Data center 70%
  • IT Network infrastructure Planning and Design Services 77%
  • OPS Work implementation 90%
  • Outsourcing 97%

Network Planning


Network Design


Network Installation


Are you ready for a paradigm shift in the design, planning and installation of your network? Just contact us to offer you our best service